Defense of wrongful death cases

Bullivant Houser Bailey trial attorneys have tried numerous death cases to verdict, particularly suits for death of a minor. We have achieved very low verdicts or outright defense verdicts on enough occasions to consider these cases to be good trial candidates if a reasonable settlement is not attainable. Examples include (a) an $85,000 verdict for a 20 year-old college student reduced by 40% comparative fault arising out of a mid-sized truck turning left on a city street in front of the decedent on a motorcycle; (b) a $150,000 verdict with 10% allocated to a Bullivant Houser Bailey client on trial for the death of a five year-old struck and killed by a drunk driver; and (c) a $200,000 settlement on behalf of the distributor of a non-complying cigarette lighter for the death of a five year-old from asphyxiation from smoke caused by a fire allegedly started by two youths in an apartment.